Author of the Upcoming Book,

Living in Bloom

When a vice president of strategic planning decides to leave her job, one would assume she’d have a plan. Not Mary Abraham. Feeling unfulfilled in her 30s, the Detroit native exited her career on an act of faith and waited for the universe to respond. What followed wasn’t some mystical epiphany from above or some adventurous jaunt across the globe to reflect. Like the majority of everyday people who feel lost, she sat at home, unsure of her next move, staring at her dwindling bank account from the glare of her laptop screen.

Eventually, Mary did get her answers, although it wasn’t in the timeframe, or way, that she had expected. Through a series of unforeseen life turns, Mary embarked on a path of self-discovery from her home in Michigan. This accidental path ended up transforming her professional expertise into a more fulfilling career. What she didn’t know was that, in the process, it would end up transforming her life.

LIVING IN BLOOM is a book about the journey of reinvention. It celebrates the internal “blossoming” that occurs when we reconnect with our childhood dream while staying planted in our experienced, adult life. It’s filled with a mix of candid stories and relatable missteps, but above all, includes practical advice and inspiration from someone who’s survived this uneasy process. Part reflective-narrative, part how-to guide, readers are encouraged to dig deep, nourish their source and embrace the bloom of their eminent, new life.

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