Mary Abraham

is a writer, consultant and lifelong student of comparative religion, hailing from the hardest-working city in the world: Detroit, MI.

She believes that happiness is path, intuition is a tool, and work-life balance should be immediately discarded in favor of a more holistic, purpose-driven life.



Creatively, Mary is in the process of completing her first book, LIVING IN BLOOM. Professionally, Mary consultants with companies large and small on their brand narratives. Always diligently focused on the audience at hand, Mary specializes in creating story arcs that personally resonate with customers’ lives. She is known for injecting “heart and soul” into her strategies, helping her client’s purpose shine through. The result is content that resonates with consumers for more leads and increased ROI.


As a consultant, Mary offers clients 15 years of marketing and communications experience. She has worked with global brands in both agency and corporate environments. When she’s not working as a strategy leader for a large health insurance brand, she consults with companies of all sizes on branding, content marketing and communications plans.


“To flourish, brands – just like people – must unearth their true purpose.”

her rave reviews

  • “Mary is great to work for. Her drive to learn and understand beyond her scope makes her a great global player. She is always ready and is thorough and clear in her job. She has a very positive attitude and is always ready with a helping hand.”

    CMO, L’Oréal Spain
  • “Mary is smart. Really, really smart. And she’s able to apply that intelligence deftly, to balance what should be done with what can be done, and come out with strategies that both advance a brand and are realistic. That’s not an easy thing to do, but I’ve seen her do it time and again. Mary’s a very good colleague.”

    President, Ignite Social Media and Carusele
  • “Mary is always thinking about the bigger picture and is never satisfied with a ‘this is how we did it before’ approach. She consistently offers innovative ideas and backs them with facts, figures and a creative passion that extends far beyond the agency walls. We would never have a brainstorm session without her.”

    Senior Project Manager, Aimia
  • “Mary served as a key point person for our global marketing partners. She strengthened relationships across borders and identified opportunities of growth for more in-depth collaboration. Her experience and determination in the digital space made an immediate impact and established her as resource, and thought leader, for the entire GM global team.”

    Director, Product Management at MOTOR Information Systems
  • “Mary is a talented, creative individual, always bursting with ideas. Her passion and positivity are contagious and her ability to excel in several disciplines is remarkable.”

    Owner, Meant to Be Sent
  • “Mary has an outstanding strategic mind. She is one of those rare individuals who can clearly communicate complex strategic ideas to almost anyone – a great communicator. Mary brought needed leadership and management skills to our group. She provides instant credibility to a team, by challenging her group with her creative thinking and problem-solving skill-sets. I highly recommend Mary – one of the best client-minded strategic leaders I’ve worked with in my career.”

    VP of Marketing, Gannett
  • “Mary is an amazing writer, multi-talented, and also just an amazing person. She lights up a room with not only her presence but also with her positive go-getter attitude. And most importantly, the clients absolutely love her work! Mary is an asset to any organization or publication, not only for her work but also for who she is as a person.”

    Department Manager, Digital Platforms at Mercedes-Benz

got here

After years of compartmentalizing her “work” and “life,” Mary was finding it increasingly difficult to strike a balance between the two. She decided to ditch the balancing act altogether and design a new approach, one that has allowed her to nourish all aspects of her well-being.


Mary’s commitment to staying true to all of the authentic parts of herself eventually led to her upcoming book, LIVING IN BLOOM. Beyond the words that fill its pages is a life lived with courage and fortitude, and one that continues to blossom.


Mary lives in Metro Detroit with the two loves of her life: her husband, Craig, and their dog, Jelly Bean. She often refers to herself as a “Creative Polygamist” committed to writing, strategy and even singing (she has a mean set of pipes). She’s an over-involved aunt to her niece and nephews, a Netflix junkie, Pinterest DIYer and weekend chocoholic.